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Our Process


We make recruiting easy in 5 simple steps
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Phase One (Getting to know you)

  • Understanding your overall business goals and objectives.
  • Defining your opportunities.
  • Proposing an overall recruitment strategy specific to your hiring needs.
  • Defining the FinTech talent pool.
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Phase Two (Hunting and Fishing)

  • Approaching the FinTech candidates through various channels and via our database.
  • Screening 50 – 80 FinTech candidates.
  • Conducting an in depth interview with select Fintech candidates.
  • Conducting reference checks.
  • Submitting and presenting FinTech candidate profiles and resumes/CVs.
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Phase Three (The Encounter)

  • Coordinating and setting up the interview between you and the candidates.
  • Setting expectations: communication.
  • Comprehensive phone and onsite interviews with your team.
  • Candidate feedback for your team and client feedback for the candidates.
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Phase Four (The Proposal)

  • Conducting Background Checks.
  • Conducting negotiations- (ie counter-offering coaching to candidates; etc.)
  • Extend offer.
  • Candidate Acceptance.
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Phase Five (Happily Ever After)

  • Support with candidate on boarding.
  • Provide ongoing follow up.


The Contingency Search

  • 3 interviewable candidates pre-screened and within  45 days.
  • 60 day guarantee.
The Engaged Search

  • 90 day guarantee with 3 interviewable candidates within 30 days that have been pre-screened and assessed prior to submittal.
  • an engagement fee to begin the search and the remaining balance once the candidate is placed.
The Retainer Search

  • 3 interviewable candidates within 30 days guaranteed that have been pre-screened, assessed, and reference checked prior to submittal.
  • 6 months sliding scale replacement guarantee depending on the position and agreed upon terms.
  • 1/3rd  of the fee to begin the search; 1/3rd the fee at the face-to-face interview stage and the final payment once the candidate is placed.
*Fees are based on the first year’s base salary of the candidate. Please email Nako at [email protected] or call her at 646-233-4050 or 416-948-4050 for more information.


We offer a 45-190 days guarantee depending on the level of the position.