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Brain Training Coaching Services

Brain Training PRO® is the World’s First Full Spectrum Training and Development company.

Co-Founded by The Core Team, we are Creators of the Unified Flow Optimization System™ to those who desire Optimum Balance between Life and Business Performance.

Through our Programs we Activate, Train, Grow and Develop The Core Mindset that generates harmony – Full Spectrum Vibration – in all aspects of Life.

We work with individuals and teams, including:

• Self-employed Professionals,
• Resilient Entrepreneurs and,
• Small Business Teams.

Our System, developed over 10 years with our Partners – combining over 70 years of practical experience – and continually upgraded – optimizes your:

• Brain Processing Power: To Solve Overwhelm and Information Overload
Authentic Character Development: To Activate What You Are Truly Meant To Do
Goal Achievement: To Be Empowered to Continually Take Action on the Goals You Create
Team Synchronization: To Collaborate With Your Team for Synergistic Results and Outcomes
Organizational Flow: To Have Focused Growth and Directed Expansion by Mastering Flow

Personal Branding Tools

We’ve partnered with the innovative personality assessment firm How to Fascinate which provides insightful personality tests for personal branding.

Check out the Fascination Anthem Builder to create a strong personal brand that will help you better articulate your strengths to employers and narrow your career options.